Moving the Muse: Yoga for Writers (and Creatives!)

Free Your Body, Inspire Your Mind

For the past fifteen years Nikki has used yoga to stay focused, foster creativity, and build success in her writing career. This has led to numerous book deals, an unbeaten track record for her client’s book proposals, and bestsellers for both her and her high-profile clients. She also uses the ancient art of yoga to lead others to their career and personal goals. As a sought-after teacher, Nikki’s yoga classes are simultaneously physically invigorating and mentally and spiritually renewing. Moving the Muse is informed by the philosophy that what we practice on the mat—building flexibility and strength, finding balance and grounding, opening up, taking in, and letting go—also transforms our lives off of the mat in very real and sometimes magical ways, especially for those in creative professions. 


“Nikki is a talented, experienced instructor who takes special care to cultivate a safe space for her students to practice, push their limits, and find balance. Her classes are able to be adjusted to meet you where you are, in the moment. Looking for a modification? Take it. Want to take it further than you have before? She's there to guide you. As a student, I appreciate Nikki's ability to encourage growth with support and ease, which has allowed me to reach a potential I wasn't always able to see myself.” 

-Lindsay Roth, Student 


Moving the Muse

Nikki’s signature program Moving the Muse fuses together yoga and writing practices to assist writers and other creative in achieving their goals. By opening the body and channeling our creative energy and experience into our writing projects, we can progress in ways we didn’t think possible, whether that be landing a book deal, writing an article, or learning the keys to free-form writing.  

Nikki offers the Moving the Muse program as both private one-on-one sessions (for Los Angeles-based clients) and as group retreats at inspiring, far-flung locations.


"Nikki completely changed my practice and experience of yoga. Where I used to feel the need for validation, she helped me to turn inward. When I felt confident in my practice, she kindly showed me how to continue to grow. And when savasana arrived, her gentle head, neck, and shoulder massages were the most welcome end to her physically challenging classes. More than that, however, Nikki is a friend—she cares about what is happening in your life, which makes her classes that more meaningful."

–Emma Rehard, Student

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