I'm here to help you tell your story and share your ideas with the world. Here’s the thing about publishing a book: Not everyone who receives a book deal is a writer by trade. And this makes sense, right? Publishers are essentially commissioning their authors because they’re an expert on a topic—whether that topic is yourself (in the case of a biography) or a specific area, such as fitness, nutrition, or psychology. If you fall into this category, it can be extremely helpful to have a co-pilot for the writing process—someone who understands the flow of books and how to put your message together in a compelling, readable way that truly reflects who you are and the message you want to convey. For some authors who work in tandem with a professional writer, this may mean providing information through a series of interviews while the ghostwriter does all of the actual writing. For others, this may mean drafting out a manuscript, then refining and polishing it with the help of a ghostwriter (or perhaps more technically in a case such as this, a developmental editor).

It goes without saying that I love writing and have a proven track record of success. But what I also love is hearing people’s stories and the information they’ve gleaned throughout their lives. I believe it is this love of each individual's nuances and life paths that makes me an exceptional ghostwriter. Throughout the course of my ghostwriting career, I’ve adopted many different voices and written books through many different filters. Every time, it is a unique adventure, challenge, and partnership that I simply adore.

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