Meet Nikki

Nikki Van Noy is an  author, ghostwriter, and editor specializing in biographies and pop culture.

With more than twenty years experience in print media, Nikki has worked with a wide range of authors, ranging from New York Times bestsellers to first-time writers. She is known for her 100 percent success rate in writing book proposals that sell to major publishers, including Random House-Penguin, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, and Hachette. Regarded as one of the top ghostwriters in the industry, she is also the bestselling author of So Much to Say: Dave Matthews Band—20 Years on the Road and New Kids on the Block: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters, both published through Simon & Schuster’s Touchstone division.

Nikki’s work has been featured on NPR and CBS' The Early Show, and in The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, LA WeeklyBoston Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post, and Publisher's Weekly, among others. She graduated from Harvard University with an ALB in Liberal Arts, and a concentration in Comparative Religion. When she’s not hunched over a computer writing or editing, Nikki—a certified yoga teacher—can be found stretching her computer neck out in a yoga studio or hanging out with her daughter and burgeoning bookworm Izzy. 

My Journey

I’ve always believed there is something magical about words. I experienced it first as a reader, when the words someone else strung together on a page would transport me far away from my bedroom, to a completely different place and time. A different life. As I got older, I discovered the intoxicating alchemy of putting words together to create my own worlds. There are some days when those words fall into place as if by some sort of divine guidance. Then there are other days where it’s a struggle to mine that one missing word or nuance that makes a sentence pop to life. In either case—whether I’m hunting words down or they are dropping into my lap as if by magic—there's nothing I love more or find more exciting than working with words, whether that’s as a writer or editor. This is my personal journey and it’s why I am so excited to work with you. Helping you tell your story in the most powerful way is what I love most.